Coconut Products

Coir Fiber

Coconut fiber is also known as Coir fiber, Coco fibre or Coconut fibre. It is the byproduct of Coconut coir processing. This is extracted from matured green and brown Coconut Husks. It is then processed into the finest fibers which go into the making of mattresses, door mats, sacking, etc. Coconut fiber or Coir Fiber is of two types-brown and white. Coir obtained from fresh green Coconut is termed as White Fiber, which is finer than the Brown Fiber. The Brown Fiber is the outcome of seasoned fully matured coconuts which lose their green color in the process. Each of them has their own distinct types of applications. The Brown Fiber is widely used for fabrication of doormats, brushes, coir mattresses and other upholstery material whereas the White Fiber is used for making ropes, making fishing nets, and other eco-friendly Products.


Product : Coconut fiber
Length of Fibre : 5 to 30 cm
Colour : Brown
Moisture : Less than 15%
Impurities : Less than 3%
Packing : Tightly strapped bale
Bale weight : 120 kgs.
Quantity : 22 mtons per 40'HC FCL
Load ability : 183 bales