Seeds & Nuts

White Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds contains rich source of Protein, calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, vitamin B1, selenium, and fiber. Sesame seeds are the best to control low cholesterol, digestion, controlling diabetes, reduces blood pressure. Also it helps to save our liver from Alcohol. White sesame seeds are one of the major traded oil seeds for making of Tahini.

Black Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are good source of calcium, proteins, vitamins, Iron, phosphorus and dietary fiber.Sesame seeds reduces cholesterol level and prevents high blood pressure in the body. We supply natural black sesame seeds, brown sesame seeds, hulled, White sesame seeds. We are using high tech processing and hygiene standards to get the total purity level of 99.99%. Sesame seed is largely cultivated in the western and eastern parts of the country. The major producers of Indian Sesame are Gujarat, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Rajasthan is also a major producer, when the area receives sufficient rains.

Product Specifications

Kinds: White/Black/Brown
Grades: Natural / Machine Cleaned
Mechanical Hulled, Aqua Hulled, Chemical Hulled
Auto Sortexed
Sun Dried or Auto Dried


Purity: 99/1/; 98/2; 95/5; 99.90; 99.95; 99.97; 99.99
Moisture: 5% max
FFA: 1% max or 2% max
Admixture: 0.01% min
Total plate count: 20,000 cfu/gm max
Yeast & Mould: 5,000 cfu/gm max
Staphylococcus Aureaus: Absent/gm
E.coli: Absent/gm
Salmonellae: Absent/gm
Bhc: Not Detected
Ddt: Not Detected
Aldrin: Not Detected
Detection Limit: 0.01ppm
Packing: New Jute Bags 75/50/25/15/10 Kgs
HDPE/PP Bags 50/25/15/10 Kgs