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Betel Leaves

The company is the leading Fresh Betel Leaves Exporter, based in India. Fresh Betel Leaf has pleasant aroma, tasty, good nutritive value and contains rich in starch, sugars and tannins. Cultivation of betel leaf needs good care and attention.

Our Fresh Betel Leaves are widely used to cure lots of health related problems such as Headaches, Arthritis and Joint Pain and others. Moreover, the Fresh Betel Leaves can be availed at the most competitive prices from the company. Betel Leaf has no pesticides, high nutritional value. The leaf improves our digestion, relieves sore throat, treats gastric ulcers, reduces the level of sugar in blood, and helps to maintain good oral hygiene also prevents carcinogenesis in oral cavity. It also contains Vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, carotene and a good source of calcium. The leafs essential oil that contains a phenol called as Chavicol that has potential antiseptic properties and is valued in Ayurveda as being stimulating, carminative, aromatic and has several medical applications.

Length : 7" - 9"
Width : 5" - 6"