Town Specials

Silk Sarees

South Indian silk sarees are famous for their unique textures and designs. Kornadsarees originated from Kornad or Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. The best ones are produced in Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, Dharmavaram in Andhra Pradesh, and Kollegal in Mysore. Woven with the finest of silk, the designs in these sarees are traditional with special stress on borders and pallus. Kanchipuram sarees have contrasting border and pallu woven with a variety of zari motifs such as ‘rudraksham’, ‘mallimogu’, ‘gopuram’ etc. Pochampally silk sarees with geometrical designs are woven in Andhra Pradesh. In Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, where inexpensive cotton sarees are produced, even the simplest sarees have broad borders on either side. Kerala makes a distinctive saree known as Karalkuda. Chanderi and Maheshwar from Madhya Pradesh, Venkatagiri from Andhra Pradesh in cotton are characterized by their simplicity and graceful charm.

Betel Leaves

The company is the leading Fresh Betel Leaves Exporter, based in India. Fresh Betel Leaf has pleasant aroma, tasty, good nutritive value and contains rich in starch, sugars and tannins. Cultivation of betel leaf needs good care and attention.

Our Fresh Betel Leaves are widely used to cure lots of health related problems such as Headaches, Arthritis and Joint Pain and others. Moreover, the Fresh Betel Leaves can be availed at the most competitive prices from the company. Betel Leaf has no pesticides, high nutritional value. The leaf improves our digestion, relieves sore throat, treats gastric ulcers, reduces the level of sugar in blood, and helps to maintain good oral hygiene also prevents carcinogenesis in oral cavity. It also contains Vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, carotene and a good source of calcium. The leafs essential oil that contains a phenol called as Chavicol that has potential antiseptic properties and is valued in Ayurveda as being stimulating, carminative, aromatic and has several medical applications.

Length : 7" - 9"
Width : 5" - 6"

Brass & Bronze

We are one of the well-known exporters of Brass items, which largely used for prayers and festive occasions; these items are largely appreciated for their beautiful designs. All the South Indian Brass articles, Kuthuvilakku and utensils are manufactured in Kumbakonam and these articles are manufactured no Where in South India other than Kumbakonam.

We are supplying beautifully designed Indian artifacts, brass artifacts, bronze artifacts and decorative artifacts such as Engraved Buddha Statue in Meditation, Oil Lamps, Kuthuvilakku, Saravilakku, Brass Pooja Thambalam Set, Bronze- Lamps, Bronze- Bell,the well-known Nachiyarkoil Kuthu Vilakku, Flame Brass Kuthu Vilakku, Eversilver, Aluminium Utensils, Indian Handicrafts, pooja articles, brass animals, candle stand, wall hangings, brass decorative items, brass gifts, flower vase and Bamboo Basket.

Exclusive range of brass and bronze items is provided to the customers according to their specified designs. The Brass items are offered by us, are elegant, stylish and designed using the best grade raw materials. The city Kumbakonam -where we are- also known as temple city is famous for idol making, where as we can see the traditional Art cultures around the city. We are sourcing the Bronze stuffs from well equipped sculptors, who have been designing statues, idols, and variety of Bells, jewels, Rathams, and lamps. They are attractive, highly elegant and hand-carved with rich detailing. They can be customized according to the needs of the customers.

Features: Modern creativity & tradition, Enticing designs & rich culture, Stylish look, hand-carved & full detailed.